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ITB Inc. Presents:
Instant Word of Mouth Marketing

By now most companies know how to market their product on the internet, but do you know how to Instant e-Market and gain a

  1. instant customer in real time,
  2. have instant positive communication with customers,
  3. make an instant sale,
  4. instantly reach customers across the globe,
  5. have unlimited advertising space and all this occurs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Instant Customer marketing is the act of satisfying a customers needs for information or sale of a product in real time over the internet. More and more the customer is the best marketing tool a company can utilize, 90% of Americans name word of mouth as one of the best sources of ideas and information. Now this marketing method can be utilized using the internet to inform their friends and family about your product and or services in real time.. Forget the standard media paths, to compete in today's competitive environment your marketing needs to be innovated, needs to be Instant e-Marketing you need Instant Customer now.

VR Tour Productions has learned how to harness, amplify, and improve on word of mouth marketing. We have made it easier for your customer to influence their friends and family members for you, and all this can be done instantly from the internet. VR Tour Productions will provide free search engine optimization (SEO) on our site at no cost to you. Yes you read that right. Free! We will drive the customer to your product or service using SEO, strong professional on-line identity, on-line promotions, and customer centered E-mail campaigns. Your customers will sell your product, whether it is a resort, hotel, appliance, automobile etc. This is what is known as Word of Mouth Marketing VR Tour Productions exploits this proven system with the internet and calls it Instant Customer.

OK Lets summarize the benefits:

Customer Benefits:

  • Increase visibility world-wide
  • Close more sales on the internet in real time
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Stand out from the competition as the industry leader
  • Conduct business easily anywhere in the world in real time
  • Promote your company as the most innovative company
  • Improve customer service
  • Track your marketing effectiveness
  • Reduce Traditional Media Marketing Costs
  • Reduce bulky mailers
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Increase your response rates
  • Combine Existing Marketing Material
  • Leave your marking information on customer’s computer desktop


Why use ITB Inc.

    • Over twenty years combined e-Marketing experience with over 200 customers
    • Professional web site and dedicated customer information page
    • Professional search engine expert on staff and dedicated to your page.
    • Experienced installers of Internet equipment
    • Dedicated to new and innovative ideas
    • Safe tested servers to protect your information

    For more information on how VR Tour Productions can do all this for you and increase your bottom line contact our office.

    Don't let this new wave of marketing pass you up.