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Central Florida


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Welcome to - Open House

Open House - means just that - A house or destination that is open to you the customer for viewing 24/7.

At Open House we believe that media technology can be used to bring your search for the perfect home or vacation rental, in ways never before possible.

Real Estate - Open House - While most homes for sale on the market are open on weekends, with an Open House tour your home will be available for viewing 24/7. Gone are the days when you have to first find the house, then sit at the house waiting on some one to show up. Now you and your family can view an Open House tour of your dream home. Are you tired of driving all over town only to be disappointed when you arrive? An Open House tour can help you eliminate homes before you spend the time and money to drive to them.

Vacation Rental - Open House - There are probably few events that are more carefully researched and planned than a family vacation and there is no greater peace of mind than knowing what to expect when you arrive. The resort industry knows that vacation rentals, with Open House tours, offer you the satisfaction of knowing what to expect before you arrive, therefore no unpleasant surprises. Open House features amenities that, when taken together, make a place such as a hotel or resort attractive to you the guests or customers

Builder - Open House - Have you seen a model home you like, or one you have seen in a Parade of Homes, or maybe you wish you had a walked through of a model home but is being occupied by satisfied customers. Now you see that model home here at Open House tour, we have an unlimited number of model homes available for viewing 24/7.

Community/New Community - Open House - Are your interest in a new community the amenities and local attraction? Open House tour walks you through the property and will highlight amenities and special features that, when taken together, make the Community/New Community attractive to you the guests or customers.

For Sale By Owner - Open House - Homes for sell by owner are sometimes the best source of information about the house and Surrounding area.

Local Destination/Retail/Showrooms/Points of Interest - Open House - The possibilities are endless. We have taken tours of beaches, campgrounds, Christmas displays, waterfalls, a skate shop, a furniture show room, and even horse trailers. What you may be looking for we may have in Open House. Click here often to check new and improved Open House.

Special Open House Presentation- Open House - A special Open House is one were the home tour offers more information and hi-lights the distinctive aspects of the house. It may include a blueprint of the house and links to other interesting support sites.